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Allstate Insurance

With a renewed focus on customers, Allstate realized a key overlooked area of communication was insurance policies themselves. Over years of increased regulation and complex legal language, policies had become overly verbose and downright off-putting. A series of microsites were designed to help customers understand their policy details. Complicated insurance concepts were made easily understandable with simple illustrations accompanied with pop-up explanations — all designed to calm rather than alarm, inform versus overload.

Additional collateral included handbooks that were distributed with policy mailings and also made available at Allstate Agencies nationally.

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The successful launch of both Home and Auto Made Simple led to the series being extending into additional product categories as well as translated editions.

Allstate – “It’s Good to Be IN” Campaign

Working in partnership with Allstates Advertising agency, we extended the “IN” advertising campaign by bringing it to life in Allstate agencies nationwide. Additional agency tools included direct mail, window clings and various premium items.

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