The Middleby Corporation is a world leader in commercial and residential cooking appliances who recently determined they needed to shorten their corporate name and adopt a more consumer-friendly logo. When creating new corporate logos for a companies as strongly established as Middleby, it's always important to consider previously established visual equity and balance that with any new objectives. Current clients should be quickly able to associate any new graphics as being from the same company they've always known. But making a change like shortening a name is an opportunity to update the logo to align it with current strategic marketing objectives — a way to build an identity fit for the future.

The new design we created relies heavily on the former logo with its bold, condensed sans-serif font and the inclusion of the stylized 'M' symbol. Changes we made where to effectively make the logotype more modern and friendly by rounding the corners of the type and symbol ever so slightly. We also simplified the overall look by integrating the symbol better with the new logotype through both form and color. Here you can see the formal changes we made:

We're passionate about creating logos and love it when our creativity and craftsmanship come together to make our clients happy by positively effect their businesses.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

It's hard to miss the growing market trend of products that contain CBD (cannabidiol). It can be found in categories including beauty, beverage, wellness and more. A recent Acosta study estimated it to have a potential market value of $20 Billion! No surprise then that in our recent mix of client partners are a couple of growing companies that specialize in CBD products.

Brand development and logo design for a line of CBD products.

Better Life Brands needed an identity to have broad appeal as its product offering was marketed to humans, pet owners and also veterinarians.

Identity design for Nature's Nosh snack food company.

Creating personality words was our first step when we partnered with Nature's Nosh. Our client wanted a unique and own-able logo to help distinguish it's product line from competitors and build brand recognition.

Lately, we've been inspired by all the students around the world who are determined to bring attention to the problem of Climate Change — so we recently joined a climate strike in Evanston Illinois. As about 150 of us adults where gathered at Fountain Square, we could hear distant chanting from the approaching striking students from Evanston Township High School. As they neared the square, all the adults began to fall silent to better hear these impassioned young adults as they arrived. There was an unmistakable aura of thanks and respect paid by the now silent adults. The crowd then graciously opened up allowing the students to march straight into the the middle of the mass and take the stage.

It's always fun to see the signs people create at public marches. It seems that these occasions create a moment where people become so passionate about their cause that they drop the usual apprehension we all have about exhibiting our own hand-created artwork.

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