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Carr’s Brand Crackers

With the sales success of its single-flavor crackers, Carr’s wanted to capitalize and expand on the strength of its brand. The established equity was carried through to a new assortment pack with added ques subtly suggesting the variety packs perfect suitability for high-end entertaining. The solution further distinguished Carr’s product offering and increased both store buy-in and sales.

Carr’s International Favourites

Although wildly successful (and mighty tasty), Carr’s Ginger Lemon Cremes had been the only sweet offering within its brand line-up. When Carr’s introduced an additional eight flavors to its cookie line, I helped reposition the brand and packaging to celebrate its distinct sweetness and created packaging that felt more indulgent and decadent (as opposed to its savory cracker cousin) and more befitting of a specialty treat. Along with the strong linkage to its British heritage, these sweets found new sales in the coveted upscale specialty food marketplace.

Carr's Cookies 3.jpg
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