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City of Lake Forest

The City of Lake Forest Sanitation Department was awarded a grant specifically to help reduce recycling contamination in the community's curbside pickup program. The campaign goal was simple — reduce curbside recycling contamination from 25% to 10% over 2 years.


From years of working in Chicago creative agencies I was able use my network to quickly find a brand strategy specialist and also a writer (both of whom I knew and trusted) to joined me as freelancers. We developed a multi-channel communication strategy and four key communications points most directly addressing the recycling contamination issue. After sharing three different creative directions, Rethink Recycling with Bart the Cart became the friendly and helpful campaign that quickly gained notice in the community. Currently recycling contamination is down to only 16%. With some ground to cover, my client team asked me to continue building on the campaign momentum by extending the social media posting calendar.

Introductory campaign video

Rethink Logo.png
Tower flopped fadded.png

The integrated education campaign features print, a website, advertising, social media, emails, public relations, fleet decoration, educational curriculum and even a mascot.

By identifying and focusing on four key offending contaminates, the campaign is able to most directly achieve positive results.

4 rules.png

By actively engaging the community the campaign (and Bart) quickly gained notoriety.

Bart Costume.png
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