City of Lake Forest

We're currently working with the City of Lake Forest, starting with creating an educational campaign aimed at reducing recycling contamination by residents, students and workers in the community. The goal is great and easily measurable: Reduce recycling waste from 25 percent to 10 percent, thereby reducing the City’s recycling processing costs by 25% per ton which equates to an annual savings of up to $50,000. Now that's a goal we can get behind.

The two-year campaign, "Rethink Recycling" features a friendly animated character named Bart the Cart — a recycling expert designed to connect with recyclers of all ages.

Semiannual measuring showed that after the first six months of the two-year campaign, recycling contamination rates had dropped 5% to 20% — giving Bart all the enthusiasm he needed to keep going!

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The integrated education campaign features print, a website, advertising, social media, emails, public relations, fleet decoration, educational curriculum and even a mascot.

By identifying and focusing on four key offending contaminates, the campaign is able to most directly achieve positive results.

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By actively engaging the community the campaign (and Bart) quickly gained notoriety.

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