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A striking moment.

Lately, we've been inspired by all the students around the world who are determined to bring attention to the problem of Climate Change — so we recently joined a climate strike in Evanston Illinois. As about 150 of us adults where gathered at Fountain Square, we could hear distant chanting from the approaching striking students from Evanston Township High School. As they neared the square, all the adults began to fall silent to better hear these impassioned young adults as they arrived. There was an unmistakable aura of thanks and respect paid by the now silent adults. The crowd then graciously opened up allowing the students to march straight into the the middle of the mass and take the stage.

It's always fun to see the signs people create at public marches. It seems that these occasions create a moment where people become so passionate about their cause that they drop the usual apprehension we all have about exhibiting our own hand-created artwork.


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