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Creating faces (logomarks)

How does your company show itself to your audience? Is your logo accurately representing your offering? Is it easy to read and understand by your viewers? Is it uniquely yours and ownable? These considerations and more are critical for us when we develop logo designs — after all, we’re talking about the face our client partners are going to share, market and promote. It is the shorthand representation of what their companies stand for.

We’ve recently created a few logos that represent some of our client partners.

A resource that greatly simplifies the downsizing process for the changes its clients are going through. We used a highly simplified and icon house representation and reflected the downsizing change with positive and negative elements in one form.

Using common elements used in the Montessori classroom, we constructed a unique logo using vernacular Montessori imagery.

Offering bicycle-related enamel pin designs, we needed to appeal to a youngish audience who concern themselves with image and design. Full discloser: this is a business partnership I’m working on with another designer — a long time friend and bicycle enthusiast.


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